Major Issues of Farmers

Issues of Farmers in India which need attention
of Policy Planners & Citizens

· Two lac suicides in last 10 years
· Suicides even in Punjab, Kerala which are supposed to be rich (Due to the acute distress, more than 1500 farmers committed suicide, mainly in Wayanad district, Kerala )

· 40 % of farmers want to give up agriculture in India as per NSS survey
· 40 % farmers are in debt
· Large number of farmers have to migrate for work to cities due to poor agriculture, drought or floods
· Arrears of several hundred Crore Rupees are yet to be paid by sugar mills to sugar cane growing farmers in many states  

Rainfed Agriculture ignored
· More than 60 % agriculture area is dependent on rain only but rainfed agriculture is not receiving either attention nor investments on that scale
· These areas do not get even 10 % of the budget for agriculture

Poor Management of Infrastructure
· Some of the irrigation projects have not been completed for past 20 years
· Utilization of irrigation potential is only 50 %
· Management of Corporations, Boards, Agencies & Departments is very poor
· Almost 50 % posts are lying vacant in many agriculture related departments

Low Income levels
· Average net profit on 1 acre of land growing cereals is about Rs 5,000 which gives a net profit of Rs. 10,000 annually for 7 crores marginal farmers
· Minimum Support Price (MSP) for food grains always lower than real input costs plus minimum profit. Management costs , depreciation & interest mostly ignored

Disadvantaged Sections Ignored
· Landless numbering about 7.5 crores not even considered farmers by Government development schemes
· Marginal Farmers- 7.6 Crores ( less than 2.5 acre ) with average of 1 acre holding are low on priority

Shortages & adulteration
· Shortages of seeds, fertilisers, irrigation water
· Extreme Electricity shortage- 2-4 hours per day
· Spurious seeds, fertilisers & pesticides unchecked in open market

Credit Needs Ignored
· Only 50 % provided Kissan Credit Cards
· About 50 % of credit requirements met by banking sector

Poor Insurance & Compensation System
· Hardly 10 per cent of farmers are covered by crop insurance.
· Compensation is practically either not available or given after long delays

Low Government Investments & Growth
· Public Investment in agriculture has come down continuously from 34% in 1st plan to 11 % in 10th plan
· The investments in agriculture have reduced in past 2 decades & has led to growth rate of only 1.5 % (2007) against industrial growth rate of around 8 %

Markets & Procurement Process against farmers
· Procurement Process is not transparent & leads to lots of harassment to farmers
· Market yards are totally in control of traders & farmers can not participate in decision making

Low Status of farmer in society
· Farmer have lost respect in society
· Farmers have no say in decision making or planning for agriculture

Sustainable Model of Agriculture Ignored
· Current model of agriculture development is not sustainable either economically, ecologically or for reasons of health
· Agriculture intensive areas have problems of soil health, water depletion, increasing incremental cost of production and deteriorating farmers health

Futuristic Issues
· Impact of WTO & international trade on farmers
· Impact of Climate Change on farmers
· Impact of Bio-Technology on Food Security and farmers

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